Edward Surrey Photography

Welcome to my site.  I am a Fine Art photographer based in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.  My initial inspiration was Ansel Adams and I continue to follow others in the field of Fine Art Photography.  
As I go throughout the day, I see pictures everywhere.  Not necessarily as others may see, but there is a finished product in my mind.  The challenge for me comes from how to depict what I have in my mind to print.  There are feelings and emotions elicited at the time that I want to share with others.  That is my goal, to invite the viewer to experience a similar reaction through my photography.
To facilitate this, I have used 35mm cameras, 4 x 5 film camera, or digital cameras.  Black and white prints as well as color are produced to bring the picture closer to what I see in my mind.  And I am never at a loss for subject matter when I am traveling, kayaking, backpacking, or hiking through the woods.
Please contact me if you are interested in ordering a print or to discuss printing options.  Prints are available in many sizes and can be framed, matted, or on metal.  The materials used are of the highest quality for maximum lifespan for the image.